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From 'Red Wine Day' ⸻
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About Eveline

Eveline Boone is a professional photographer working mainly for the food industry. She is passionate about different cultures and the way these cultures live day to day life. Her personal interests are food, crafts and nature. 
Eveline has studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent and Karel de Grote College in Antwerp, where she achieved her degree in photography. 
In 2015 she founded French Beans; her photography business focussing on food photography.
She has worked with many international clients. Operating from her studio in Herzele, she works together with a team of talented professionals.
Her love for travelling has always resulted in interesting views on local life.

books food photos and styling by author eveline boone
Food Photos & Styling ⸻
A book about food photography.
photographing food with a smartphone

In 2020, Eveline wrote and photographed the book Food Photos & Styling. 

Food photographer and stylist Eveline Boone shares with us her love for photography. In this book she teaches foodstyling and compositional techniques, with which to make super food photos with a camera or smartphone. Food Photos & Styling provides the tools you need for better food photos, with tips for styling food dishes quickly and effectively.

This book helps you use photos to encourage your viewers to try out your recipes, purchase your products, or simply like your post; Eveline Boone of French Beans is an independent food photographer, specializing in food styling. Her passion for food and drink is reflected both on set and in her daily life, testing new restaurants, travelling or putting together attractive cookery books.